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Merlion-K9 is a recognized Training Institution of the Pets Enterprises & Traders Association (Singapore) and member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Our services : - Basic Obedienc
Dinoboy Pet Dog Training Socialisation and early training are very important for a puppy to grow up into a well-behaved dog. Well-behaved dogs are easy to live with and are readily accepted by the ge
Dinoboy is named after our very first pet dog - Dino. Dino is a grumpy Miniature Pinscher, an oversized one, from Australia. He has 5 buddies Zuiko the timid but fast learning Miniature Pinscher Leic
My name is Luke and an experienced dog sitter.Yes, I do home visit to take care of your pet dog when you are away from Singapore. I walk your pet dog,feed him,clean him up,help to clean the pee and p
Looking for HDB approved breed to adopt. I'm currently a student taking veterinary science in polytechnic which encourages me to have a pet dog. I'm looking for a HDB approved dog such as a JRT, papi
Needless to say we are D' best dog sitter in Singapore. Judge us at Dog Sitter Singapore by the compliments we obtained from our customers. Book early as we are almost always full, to avoid disappoin
Contact us at96528428orvisit our webpage at http://dogsitter.web.fc2.com Let your pet dogs stay with us when you are away,no more guilty feelings cos they will be enjoying just as much as you would b
Transport services for pets. Rates start at $20 per trip. Pet can either sit in the front with the owner or at the back which is carpeted. Timings are flexible. Can email to sodadaisies123@yahoo.com
Looking for a pet dog or dogs of your preference. Contact me I hv wide range of breeds for sale and also can help you in import and export of breeds of any kind. Contact now 94510105 , we can also gi
Pet/Dog Stroller/pram for sale! Seldom Used. Contact no 8157-47-07. Westwood Avenue.
Singapore Pet Hotel charges S$25 a day up wards for your pet dog. Call John at 96528428.
SNOOPY DOO PET About Snoopy Doo Pet We, at Snoopy-Doo Pet, are a group of IPG and New York trained certified groomer ! With our years of experiences, our experts will have your dog looking their best
Welcome to Snoopy-Doo Pet We, at Snoopy-Doo Pet, are a group of IPG and New York trained certified groomer ! With our years of experiences, our experts will have your dog looking their best ! At Snoo
Good pet food is not cheap, but is so essential, so a little savings really add up in the long run.
We are the first and largest single breed dog club to be formed in Singapore.
DinoBoy Need help in training your naughty doggies? Bring them down to DinoBoy and our professionals will teach you how to train your beloved companions into a very obedient and friendly pet! In our
Welcome to visit our Web site, we are a group of experience pet care takers since year 2000. Our initial company was located at Farmart center, but due to business expansion, we shifted to current lo
Do you want the best care for your pet dog while you are away? If the answer is Yes then please click the following links: http://dogsitter.web.fc2.com http://petdoghotel.googlepages.com http://luv4d
Obedience training is primarily two things: Establishing and promoting a proper relationship between you and your dog A way of communicating so that your dog understands your commands and those comma