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A 5 inches Golden Red arowana for sale Price is $488. No defect at all... Interested buyer pls call or sms 96201613.
Selling due to work commitment I am selling my 24 inches blood red arowana for $16,800 neg. Fish without any defects. Comes with Qian Hu Certificate. For serious buyer, please call or email me for mo
14"-15" Grade 1 Super Red Arowana for sale at $2k 14"-15" Grade 1 Super Red Arowana for sale at SGD$2,000. Pls sms me if interested. thanks
Beautiful Red Arowana Well developed red arowana for sale. 15 inches long. Price SGD 2000.00 negotiable .
Have got a red arowana for sale. Red Arrowana for sale with 5FT Tank Red Arrowana with 5ft Tank and Panda Cert for Sale. 2 years old 18 inches. Still useable. Contact me at my hp 96806025 if you are
Full fish tank sets & fish! 5ftx2.5x2.5 tank, 3xlighting, eheim3 filter with warrenty, baby hiblow airpump and Chilli Red Arowana with PT wajok certificate for sale @ $3500/-. selling due to movi
Dragon Fish AKA Arowana (Chilli Red) Sale of Arowana (Chilli Red) - roughly 14 inch - 1 yr + Include fish tank
15" Grade 1 Red Asian Arowana, Wajok Chilli Red Pictures here: http://www.arofanatics.com/members/ hideyoshi13/wajokchillired15dec07/ Also known as dragon fish. Tagged Nov 2007. Currently 15&quo
Hi, i've got a 14 inch arowana for sale. It is red in color, and will get the certificate too. I am selling it at $380. Contact me if you are interested in getting the arowana. My hp-90841313, my ema
Big Red Arowana to enhance your fengshui Red Arowana, min 20", local breed with AVA certificate (SABF). Elegant and in good health. Strict, good diet. View to believe.
Super Red Asian Arowana,Silver Arowana,Chili Red arowana,Golden arowana and Other variety of Fishes. Email : (jettyarowana.co@petlover.com). Contact us and place your order now
Top Quality 24k Golden, Red arowana, Rtg, Super red, Asian Red arowana fish for sale We have available and supply quality Tropical and Fresh water fish like, Supper Red Arowana fish.Chili Arowana Fis
We are currently on promotion sale and here are some Arowana fishes available in stock: 24k Golden arowana, Super Red,Asian Arowana, Blood Red arowana, jardini Arowana,Chili Red,Golden Arowana ETC
We supply best quality arowana fishes of all kinds,e.g:Asian red,Super red,RTG,Chilli red,silver Arowana,Platinium Arowana, Blue & Green Arowana,Dragon Yellow Arowana etc...All equipped with certifica
We Supply Best Asian Arowana fishes of all kinds,e.g:Asian red,Super red,RTG,Chilli red,silver Arowana,Platinium Arowan and many more not listed here so just place your order
Blood Red Arowana - with certificate from TUNG-HU, 3years8months, no injuries, in perfect condition, full face red,with large scales fully covered inred,mouth not protruding, 23 inches long. $3588 Pr
Arowana  |  red  |  gold  |  fish  |  dragon
We have variates of of arowana fishes like Super Red, Red Asian Arowana,24k Golden, jardiniere Arowana, Chili Arowana and many others not listed here so contact us and place your order..
Quality and healthy +A Grade, We give them out on an affordable prices, we will ship to buyers location and will provide guarantee on live arrival.,our fishes are of the best grade a quality and beaut