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Minisories http://minisories.blogspot.com/ Do check out our latest updates! Accessories selling at affordable prices!!! For more information, do email to minisories@yahoo.com.sg .
Customised Earrings??? http://integrity03.blogspot.com/ Do check out our latest updates!!! For more information, do email to greenieshorties@gmail.com .
FancyBeads Designs http://www.fancybeads.blogspot.com/ Art to share, Art to give... Indulge your imagination and self-express your style. Create your own persona with our customisation services. For
Doodle Creation http://www.doodlecreation.blogspot.com/ ALL SIZES OF EAR-STUDS CAN BE CUSTOMISED. ALL THE EAR-STUDS CAN BE MIX & MATCH. =].ENJOY. ahwen~ lionel messi Payments may be through MEET-
Piedra Preciosa http://preciostones.wordpress.com/ The Creators We finally did it - our very own little bling corner in the vastness of cyberspace. Steered by our passion for all things beginning wit
Claydrop Inc http://miniyums.blogspot.com/ Do checkout for the latest updates. Accessories!!! For more information, do email to engeliz@live.com .
Candy Mine http://candymine.blogspot.com/ E20 - $9 Made of freshwater pearl hoop. To order, please leave a comment in the box. Thank you! E19 - $6 To order, please leave a comment in the box. Thank y
Jasmine Jems http://jasminejems.blogspot.com/ Loves Roses, Gerberras, ice cream, pink, jewelry, ribbons & chocolate. I believe in using the most extraordinary items and putting them together to f
Starrie-nightx http://starrie-nightx.blogspot.com/ Terms & Conditions - Send in your orders to starrie-nightx@hotmail.com - No back out / MIA - No swap unless stated - Payment made through POSB b
Love yourself Empire http://www.loveyourself-empire.blogspot.com/ "Check out the bright hues and mis-matchs that you simply have to adore! Exquisite and lovely, the whimsical creations reflect a
Charms for you http://charmsforyou.blogspot.com/ Charms for you * exists to bring beautiful and affordable charms for you and your loved ones. we provide free normal postage or meet-up at an area of
J.Ys-Room http://jys-room.blogspot.com/ Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies…they are just like dancing angels among the greens. A red stone is attached to the necklace which symbolized the s
Beadsagas http://beadsagas.blogspot.com/ Do checkout our latest updates on handmade accessories especially for ladies~ For more information, do email to beadsaga@gmail.com .
Abblizzio Creations http://www.abblizzio.com Abblizzio Creation is owned by Abblizzio Creation , a registered company in Singapore. Being based in Singapore where information technology is always in i
Proudfoot http://www.proudfootcollections.blogspot.com/ Do check out our latest updates on handmade accessories. For more information, do email to proudfoot21@hotmail.com .
The Lil' One http://thelil-one.livejournal.com/ The Lil' One strives to provide trendy jewellery of a wide range of designs to suit various occasions at a low and affordable price. To make a purchase
Summer-flavoured Here to fly away. Do check out our latest updates on ladies wear, handmade accessories & more! Email cokersunited@gmail.com for any orders!♥((((:
Hello and welcome to Tiny Hands Online! http://tinyhandsonline.com/ Tiny Hands opened in October 2006 at a Livejournal blog, initially from the obsession of handbound journals. In the next few months
Hippo Hipps http://hippohipps.blogspot.com/ Hippo Hipps focus on selling handmade accessories/jewelleries. Aim to keep items afforable. We also sell other 2nd hand items (eg. clothes) occasionally. O
The Treasure Box http://the-treasure-box.blogspot.com/ Tune in to our newly design chain.. Toy Story - $11 Wonderful trip back to childhood Perfect 21 - $11 Turning 21? A master key to the stage of a