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QUALITY TOURS & TRAVEL PTE LTD Email: quality@starhub.net.sg Tel: 63341600 Fax: 63343090 Address: 35,SELEGIE ROAD #10-22,PARKLANE SHOPPING MALL SINGAPORE 188307 TA no: 00677 Inbound services: Acc
G reetings from Dorison Travel, thank you for your precious time. It is our pleasure to introduce our services to your esteem company. Dorison Travel is one of the more established local travel agent
BUSINESS REWARDS TRAVEL PTE LTD Email: ellenlim@brt.com Tel: 63251050 Fax: 63230554 Address: 32,WALLICH STREET #02-64,WALLICH BUILDING SINGAPORE 078880 TA no: 01041 Inbound services: Accommodation, L
VENUS TRAVEL & TOURS PTE LTD Email: suryaniclara@hotmail.com Tel: 63375188 Fax: 63370903 Address: 35,SELEGIE ROAD #03-03,PARKLANE SHOPPING MALL SINGAPORE 188307 TA no: 00979 Inbound services: Out
ORCHID TRAVEL PTE LTD Email: orchidtravel@pacific.net.sg Tel: 63376833 Fax: 63376188 Address: 149,ROCHOR ROAD #03-25,FU LU SHOU COMPLEX SINGAPORE 188425 TA no: 01279 Outbound services: Accommodation,
SHAHIDAH TRAVEL & TOURS PTE LTD Email: ayoob@shahidahtravel.com Tel: 62992345 Fax: 62991235 Address: 390,VICTORIA STREET #01-26,GOLDEN LANDMARK SINGAPORE 188061 TA no: 00771 Inbound services: Acc
AIR-KING TRAVELS PTE LTD Email: 1hraja@hotmail.com Map data ©2008 Tele Atlas - Terms of Use AIR-KING TRAVELS PTE LTD Email: l hraja@hotmail.com Tel: 62999164 Fax: 62916725 Address: 89,SHORT STRE
Email: nitatrvl@singnet.com.sg Tel: 6336 7696 Fax: 6338 9500 Address: 35,SELEGIE ROAD #03-23,PARKLANE SHOPPING MALL SINGAPORE 188307 TA no: 01281 Inbound services: Accommodation, Ferry Ticketing, Tra
Rental, Travel Insurance, Visa Services, Others Map data ©2008 Tele Atlas - Terms of Use SUNRISE HOLIDAYS PTE. LTD. Email: sunrise1@singnet.com.sg Tel: 63343242 Fax: 63344301 Address: 89,SHORT S
HAMIDAH TRAVEL & TOURS PTE. LTD. Email: info@hamidahtravel.com.sg Tel: 63965108 Fax: 63965148 Address: 390,VICTORIA STREET #02-15,GOLDEN LANDMARK SINGAPORE 188061 TA no: 01354 Inbound services: A
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NAVIGATOUR PTE LTD Email: info@navigatour.com.sg Tel: 6-3259288 Fax: 6-327 8978 Address: 10,INTERNATIONAL PLAZA #18-08,ANSON ROAD SINGAPORE 079903 TA no: 01246 Inbound services: Outbound services: Ac
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MAPLE AVIATION PTE LTD Email: sincto@singnet.com.sg Tel: 5386860/5383787 Fax: 65383183 Address: 133,NEW BRIDGE ROAD #14-04/05,CHINATOWN POINT SINGAPORE 059413 TA no: 00582 Inbound services: Outbound
We are a local travel agency and offer a wide variety of travel packages to suit to your needs. We provide inbound and outbound travel services. Let our experienced travel consultants provide you wit