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If you want a unique learning experience that will adequately prepare you for a successful career in the dynamic and fast-paced hospitality and tourism industry, join us now at School D'Hospitality -
We offer Certificate to Advanced Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Diploma to Masters Degree in Computing and etc
"I am so happy that my daughter can the world recognised professional QCA accredited UK diploma leading to auniversity degree, with just her 'O' level results..." said a parent of Harriet E
About KWAP In our effort to cater to the growing demands of IT professionals, Knowledge Window Asia Pacific (subsidiary of Genovate_Solutions ), deals with the education needs of the market; particul
Learn something this coming end year! To prepare you for the upcoming year of festive and joy. We provide Recognized Diplomas, Degree till MBA ! Which are FAST TRACKED! Meaning your programmes are al
FREE Education Services !!! Study Hospitality * Tourism Management at the Blue Mountains Hotel School ! www.hkcc-free.com Earn up to S$78,000 while you study ! Part-time + Attachment. In 3 years, you
About Us Established in 2007, W.3.M aims to provide music courses to those who have the passion to sing, the desire to perform in front of an audience, or simply looking to improve on your vocal tech
The corporate mission of TMIS is to upgrade the professionalism, service and productivity of the travel and tourism industry.
A Quality ServiceFor YouFrom OliveMed! Each fortnight, OliveMed presents your most frequently asked queries on medical issues to our doctors from the top medical establishments in Singapore. These do
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Shatec Institutes offers both full-time and customised industry-relevant programmes for aspiring professionals in the exciting hospitality industry.
MAKE UP FOREVER provides beauty courses and workshops . The workshops are divided into 7 modules altogether.... 1. Fashion Makeup - learn the basic principles of makeup artistry... 2. Bridal Makeup -
ISC Education Centre was established to provide Direct Admission into UK accredited programs in English for Management Studies, Hospitality & Tourism, Administrative & Business Management plu
Travel and tourism, whether domestic or international, are rapidly growing activities in many countries.
Our Vision To be a leader in the development of human capital for the hospitality, tourism, leisure and service industry Our Mission To develop minds, shape attitudes, harness connectivity and influe
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We believe that by creating meaningful interactions between people and places, we can forge travel experiences that are memorable.
Kids Performing, founded by its Artistic Director, Kuo Po, is a school developing children in the art of performing . The main objective of Kids Performing is to train, guide, and develop the child's
LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT - these are the things that FOX have concentrated on since it started in 1987. And these are the reasons FOX has earned its reputation as one of Singapore's leading hairdressin
Spaboutique ~ The City Resort Spa @ Nassim is located just a stone's throw away from Orchard Road at 6 Nassim Road. Step from the busy metropolitan atmosphere of the city into sprawling grounds surro