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‘I think most men would simply like to believe that the touch is sexual’

By James P. Ong
Uploaded on 27 August 2008


SAY Tantric massage and the first thing that’s likey to come to mind is sensuality and sexuality. But if Tantra Path founder Christina Low is to be believed, it can be also be about spirituality and re-channeling energy.

There are various therapies under the wide umbrella of Tantra. “Watsu/Tantsu/ Kahuna are all forms of Tantra in a (non-genital) massage. And, of course, Kashmir Tantric massage that I teach is based on giving from a loving heart, and not a search for more physical triggers to gain arousal,” she says.

On 30 August, Low is holding a course on “Tantric Massage For Two” — one of three Tantric-themed workshops that day. What, exactly, is Tantric massage? According to the course outline, it is the massage of a loving heart and sensual touch.

“I can distinguish between a sexual touch and an affectionate touch or a therapeutic touch or a sensual touch...but that's only because I'm sensitive and trained, says Low, a Computer Science and Information Systems degree holder from the National University of Singapore and the founder of Earth Sanctuary Day Spa.

“I think most men would simply like to believe that the touch is sexual or that they feel aroused despite what the intent of the therapist is. So, from where I'm standing at the moment, it seems like it's important to be clear from the beginning about the session,” she adds.

We caught up with Low to ask her more about this course:

How different is Tantric Massage from other massages?
Tantric massage in our system emphasizes the feeling and moving of energy in the body. We use very light touch or finger pressure with mental focus and feedback reminding us of our interconnectedness and mutual love. Every touch of love could have the form of erotic dance, or sliding movements on the other’s back, or gentle stroking on the skin in very slow motions, or just in a close embrace lost in each other’s scent.

Tantric massage is not something which can have certain patterns or a search for more physical triggers to gain arousal. It is a cultivation of love, the massage of a loving heart and sensual touch. It brings peace and comfort to make the beloved feel safe, loved, happy and blissful. Feelings of wholeness, completeness and unity with the divine are experiences often reported from a Tantric massage.

I teach Tantric massage based on the three guidelines of focus, breathe and relax... You will learn how to give a sensuous, healing, pleasurable full-body tantric massage to open the door to the heart of your beloved, using the most powerful tool of all —your love .

Does it also help alleviate body and joint pains?
Yes, and much more. The focus of the Tantric massage are: Understanding of sexual energy; Awakening of the Whole Body ; Cultivation of Emotions of Love ; Connection with Another Person on energy level; Channelling the Energy to the Crown ; Joy of Creativity of Each Moment of Pleasure; Joy of Freedom from any Goals ; Joy of Exchange of Love and Energy; Experiencing the Sense of Union ; Experiencing the Sense of Oneness; Feelings of Timelessness.

How long does one session last?
It can range from 1 to 3 hours…really it’s limitless..

How old should you be to start experiencing this kind of massage? Any age really, as Tantric massage is all about loving touch

What are its benefits?
Tantric Massage uses gentle touch methods which have a profound therapeutic effect: relaxation, stress relief, balance of sexual energy (excitement), it stimulates the hormone system and gives psychological and physiological freedom from sexual tension. It has an unique healing power.

Isn’t it a thin line between sensual and non-sensual massage?
For me something like watsu or kahuna is a wholesome (non-genital) tantric massage. It is so nurturing, intimate, and satisfying! While clients may tend to have a crush on the therapist, the therapists themselves have (ideally) maintained a very clear intention throughout, so that even if there is misunderstanding on the receiver’s part, there is absolute integrity from the therapist and this intention is communicated energetically, in body language, in language, and in a subtle way through the quality of touch.


Tantric Path’s courses include:

TANTRIC DANCE Saturday, 30th August 2008, 10 – 11:30 am
TANTRIC BREATH Saturday, 30th August 2008, 12 – 1:30 pm
HEART OF TANTRIC SEX (prerequisite: Tantric Dance & Tantric Breath) Saturday, 30th August 2008, 2:30 – 4 pm
TANTRIC MASSAGE FOR TWO (prerequisite:Tantric Dance & Tantric Breath) Saturday, 30th August 2008, 4:30 – 6 pm

To inquire about the courses, email or visit

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