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C's Performance
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June 2012
Editor's Picks
Should I Get a Cat or a Dog?
Are you a cat or dog person? Have problems answering that question? Check out our little guide to our furry friends!
Finding the Right Wedding Ideas
Having trouble planning out your big day? Read on to find out how to find the right ideas!
Lessons You Can Learn From Your Pets
Our pets provide us with loads of love & joy. Find out what we can learn from them!
Dear Reader,
In this month's newsletter, you'll find lots about pets! Whether you're a cat or dog lover, or even own a pet iguana. We think that pets are an important part of our lives. We've decided to help out our pet loving readers with lots of tips, from finding out if you're a cat or dog person, to lessons you can learn from your pets. If you're a pet owner, we'd love to hear from you about our articles. Why not visit our Facebook page and let us know?
Your 88DB Editor
Monthly Features
5 Pests We Fear & How to Deal with Them
It's the creepy crawlies that most of us could do without.. But how do we deal with them?
Unique Wedding Venues at The Jewel Box
Perched atop Mt. Faber, The Jewel Box holds many delightful secrets...
Tips for Grooming Your Cat
Cats might be the most independent of all household pets, but they still need some help from their owners!
4 Star Events & Their Best Vantage Points
Love counting the stars? Take a trip to see the major star events around the world!
Top 10 Spots to Explore by Bicycle
Wouldn't you rather experience a city pedalling down a broadwalk rather than riding in a taxi?
Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Vacation
Souvenirs might not be the only thing your children are bringing home from your holidays!
Selling Your Used Computer?
Find out how to get a better price for your used computers!
How to Save Your Obese Pet
Time to get moving Garfield! Being overweight could take as much as 2 years off your pet's life!
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