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Located right at the heart of Orchard Road, Peranakan Place has firmly established itself as one of the hottest destinations in Singapore’s nightlife scene. Peranakan Place is the perfect setting for locals and tourists alike to unwind and relax with good food and good drinks. This Singapore Heritage Board Landmark complements its old world flavour by providing four distinct outlets (Acid Bar, Alley Bar, Rouge and Rouge Outdoors) to cater to all personalities. show all

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Housed within a quaint restored shophouse, the open-concept bar draws you in with its inviting ambience and soothing melodies. Complemented by generous lounge and bar seats, it's also the perfect gat
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Tucked away in a snug passageway in Peranakan Place, Alley Bar offers an inimitable chic setting, perfect for drinks after a hard day's work or a clandestine date. An architectural gem, Alley Bar's l